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"I found out that the kit for that particular engine did not exist yet."

The guys at Juicy Motorsports literally saved my rig. I had blown the engine in my 08 JKU Rubicon and I had a shop local to me in TX talk me into getting an engine out of a Chevy High country truck with the promise that he could do the engine conversion in a few weeks.


More and more time passed and I found out that the kit for that particular engine did not exist yet, therefore he was not going to be able to even attempt the conversion.


Thankfully Jeff and Justin at Juicy Motorsports had all the answers I needed. I loaded up my blown engine rig and hauled it to GA from TX for them to begin the work.

"Knowledge and talent second to none..."

They built the conversion kit in house and were also able to give me flawless programming that to this date, 2 years later, I have had no issues with.


They completed my conversion in under 6 weeks and kept me up to date through the entire process. I was able to drive my rig back from GA home to TX with no issues.


The knowledge and talent at this shop is second to none! Get it done right the first time and save yourself the issues that are so common with engine conversions. Get it done at Juicy Motorsports. I'll forever be thankful for their talent and knowledge, and the friendship that was forged over the process of this conversion.


Thank you Juicy Motorsports for saving my rig! 

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